African Beads Initiative is a creative design company that crafts authentic hand-made African products for the worldwide market.The company started as a dream of one individual (Eunice Wangari Muchina), but has evolved beyond family confines to individuals in the community.The initiative is dedicated to changing their families’ lives for the better as creators of beautiful and stylish African products.Based in Nakuru Kenya, and near the Lake with flamingos, the company is managed by poor women who have decided to break the cycle of poverty and are committed to using their own talents to do so. The company started with a small donation from a good Samaritan, when she saw the potential of making a difference in the community by empowering these women to make products for sale and invest the profit in their families and community.

The initiative supports Future African Leaders Project, which ensures that young people have access to education, shelter, food, health services and a path out of generational poverty. The projects works to  create a new caliber of leaders, who are committed to serving their communities and country, and provides mentorship with the aim of creating a different mindset to impact change.

The Initiative is committed to the principles of fair trade.


Eunice Wangari Muchina - founder


 Members  working on production


 One of our members  working


Eunice Wangari

My name is Eunice Wangari, and I am the founder of Nakuru African Beads Initiative. I used to struggle to support my children, and I did not know if we would make it. Since we started this project, I have seen God’s hand in everything.

So far, we have made a lot of progress for which I am grateful. I use the money to buy food for my family, health services and shelter and take care of my children. This project keeps me busy and I love it very much.  I share the skills I have acquired with folks in my community for free.  I do not charge those interested in making the purses because they cannot afford to pay. So far, I have taught a number of women and youth and some are helping to make these purses. This keeps youth busy and knowledgeable and therefore do not have time to engage in bad habits like drugs and substance abuse. It also gives them an income. This project has helped me in empowering other women who would otherwise be waiting for assistance from their friends, family members or well-wishers.

Also, we use some of the proceeds to pay school fees for some of the orphans and vulnerable children in the community. Helping these children has been so encouraging because these children can get a decent education just like any other child from a well up family and become future leaders and great people of this country.  For the first time in our lives, we have become donors – something that we never thought we could ever be.

Pamela Afandi

My name is Pamela Afandi, a widow with three children. This project helps me a lot. It keeps me busy and I do not feel idol anymore. I am now able to pay school fees for my children, and also provide food for them. Without this project, my life would be very challenging.

Thanks to the founder of this project for giving me the skills on how to make the handbags for free without charging me any money. I am so grateful that my children and I will survive.

Nancy Wamboi

My name is Nancy Wambui, and I am in my 30s.  I am a single mother with three children. This project has helped me in a big way. I am now able to put a decent meal on the table, pay school fees for my children, as well as pay for my house rent. I am busy now, and enjoy while making the handbags very much. I am open minded and look for a better future for me and my children.

Peris Njambi

My name is Peris Njambi; I am over 80 years old. This project has helped me a lot because I am now busy and not stressed out thinking about many things. Instead, I utilize my time well.

With the money from the work of my hands, I can afford to buy airtime for my cell phone and am able to communicate with my family members and friends wherever they are. When we meet to make these handbags, I feel so good interacting with younger women, and also sharing the word of God together. I share my experience of many years, and this gives me joy. I don’t feel lonely with these young folks around me.

May God continue blessing this project, which is of great help to us.


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